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Anderson of Ardbrake Tartan
Anderson of Ardbrake Tartan
Anderson Clansman's Crest Badge
Scottish Clan Tartans
TARTANS are as alive today as they have ever been and new tartans are constantly being created. They are inextricably associated with Scotland and Scots where ever in the world they can be found.  Born of the obvious character of the earliest form of weaving lending itself to the traditional and continuous use of tartan in highland dress, to the extensive use of tartan in the fashion industry of today, it’s versatility is without equal. With the recent creation by the Scottish Government of the ‘National Tartan Register,’ tartan now enjoys a standing in Scottish society that rightly reflects it’s ancient and historic nature.  Less tangible but perhaps even more fascinating are the myths and legends surrounding the origins of tartans, their development as a means of clan identity and the belief in an ancient and distinct lineage.
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